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Color Me - Chibi Witch
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Color Me - Chibi Witch Game

Plays: 55311
Category: Other
A color me game! Color up the cute chibi witch! Don't forget to drag the sparkles and heart to make the picture extra special!
Dressup Summer
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Dressup Summer Game

Plays: 55996
Category: Dress-Up
Dressup Summer with he latest fashion accessories
Turbo Smoke 2008
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Turbo Smoke 2008 Game

Plays: 57034
Category: Driving
Turbo Smoke 2008 is a tractor pulling game made ot simulate the world of tractor pulling
Sherlock Holmes Part 2
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Sherlock Holmes Part 2 Game

Plays: 57653
Category: Puzzles
Part II of The Curse of Anan-Thotep. Search the location to find the items listed on the left. Click on those items when you find them in the scene.
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Sequence Game

Plays: 58715
Category: Puzzles
Sequence is a nice memory game with smooth music and visuals. Challenge your mind!
Igloo Defense
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Igloo Defense Game

Plays: 58968
Category: Shooting
Defend your igloos from the incoming missile attack!
London Cabbie
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London Cabbie Game

Plays: 60341
Category: Driving
Fink it's easy bein' a cabbie in Lahndon do ya? Well, I'll tell you what sunshine, why don't you 'ave a quick go in my cab and see 'ow you get on?
Bubble Poppers Deluxe
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Bubble Poppers Deluxe Game

Plays: 61030
Category: Puzzles
Fast, Fun Bubble Popping puzzle game! Compete for the highest score!
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LittleChamps Game

Plays: 63060
Category: Sports
LittleChamps is a funny toon game of junior car racing !
Word Attack
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Word Attack Game

Plays: 63177
Category: Word
A mix between Scrabble and Tetris that tests your vocabulary in a race to remove blocks before they fill the screen.
Ball Story
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Ball Story Game

Plays: 64345
Category: Puzzles
Mix of arcade and logic game!
Dwarves Escape
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Dwarves Escape Game

Plays: 65006
Category: Adventure
Finish game to save dwarves from evil dragon.
Lamborghini Diablo
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Lamborghini Diablo Game

Plays: 65324
Category: Customize
Tune this awesome Lamborghini Diablo.
The irRegularGame of Life
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The irRegularGame of Life Game

Plays: 66116
Category: Puzzles
An unusual puzzle game based on Conway's famous "game of life". Be amazed by the fascinating grid patterns that evolve from 4 simple cell rules. Puzzle your way through 42 levels, use the Sandbox to load level solutions or share your own cool patterns.
Meet people in traffic
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Meet people in traffic Game

Plays: 66601
Category: Action
talk with girl in traffic
Christmas Fashion Girl
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Christmas Fashion Girl Game

Plays: 68895
Category: Dress-Up
Santa Claus gives the pretty girl more gifts.But what's in them?It is conceivable that some beautiful clothes,because the fashion girl like fashion dress.Now help her dress in beautiful clothes and she will give you a big fashion surprise.
Dragon Fury
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Dragon Fury Game

Plays: 68980
Category: Fighting
Fighting game between fantasy characters. It includes awesome special moves and cool atmospheric effects. Keys: Left Arrow -> Left, Right Arrow -> Right, Up Arrow -> Jump, Down Arrow -> Down, 'A' 'Space' or 'Enter' -> Fire
Kung-Fu Panda Color
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Kung-Fu Panda Color Game

Plays: 74867
Category: Other
Skadoosh! Color this cute picture of Po from Kung-Fu Panda and give it your very own creative spin! Use the paintbrush provided select colors to paint it.Click on the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best. Let your imagination loose as you color this famous panda!
SYTYK Mario Party?
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SYTYK Mario Party? Game

Plays: 80015
Category: Puzzles
There will be 10 Questions. The Questions will be based on Mario Party, to Mario Party Seven. There's no time limit. There will be four choices to choose from. One choice is Correct, The Other Choices are wrong. For every 4 Levels, there will be a checkpoint. If you get a Question wrong, you will continue from the last checkpoint. Have Fun and Good Luck!
Drunk Rider
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Drunk Rider Game

Plays: 81278
Category: Sports
Don't drink and ride! Especially not with a dirt bike on difficult terrain.
Mini Golf
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Mini Golf Game

Plays: 82133
Category: Sports
This is a game with 9 courses of mini golf games. In each course you need to shoot the ball into the hole, the courses have different slopes and obstacles and are of varying difficulties. The smaller the number of shots made to put the ball into the hole, the higher the score you get.
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Asteroilds Game

Plays: 83274
Category: Shooting
This game is a remake of the classic asteroids game. In this game you control a space ship to destroy the asteroids. The asteroids may not be destroyed by one shot, instead they will be broken into smaller and smaller pieces until they are finally destroyed. If your ship is hit by the asteroids or the fragments of them, your ship will be destroyed and the game is over. Occasionally there will be UFO's approaching and they will shoot your ship! Destroy them and get extra bonuses!
Pharoahs Treasure
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Pharoahs Treasure Game

Plays: 83421
Category: Casino
Are you feeling risky? This awesome Egyptian slot game is a great time passer and will leave you wanting more! Do not be surprised when you are playing it hours from now! If you are bored this is the perfect game for you!
Achtung die kurve flash
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Achtung die kurve flash Game

Plays: 83892
Category: Other
If you like the game snake you will absolutely love this game. It is a bit more complex than the original classic you have learned to love. In this game you have to try and not die as you avoid other lines and the edges of the game board. Use your arrow keys to maneuver around the game and get the highest score by avoiding the other lines!
The Death note
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The Death note Game

Plays: 84089
Category: Other
1, the person whos name is written in this book will die in 12 hours from a heart attack. 2, For this to work you must write the persons full name legibly and be thinking of them while writing or nothing will happen. 3, You cannot kill anyone older then 80 years of age or any one younger then 10 years old. 4, You can only write one name per page. if you write more then one the first one that was written will be the only one that works. 5, This book is real, if the person does not die after 12 hours, then you have not written their real name or you have not thought about them while you wrote.

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