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Brutal Max 1
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Brutal Max 1 Game

Plays: 26862
Category: Fighting
Make your way through the Emperor's dungeon to save your friend and sidekick, Indie. Booby trapped skulls and mini-gladiaxers guard the dungeon so be careful. Jump from ledge to ledge as you avoid these obstacles and make your way into the depths of the dungeon in search of your friend. One false move and you could end up deep fried in the lava below.
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Trampolino Game

Plays: 27404
Category: Sports
The trampolining game where the idea is to do as many front or back flips as you can in 30 seconds
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ChessCards Game

Plays: 27418
Category: Cards
A difficult puzzle where cards behave like chess-pieces. Drag the cards around to arrange 'em by suit. Don't worry about card order, just suit.
Speed Warrior
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Speed Warrior Game

Plays: 28246
Category: Sports
Win races, buy better cars and win more races.
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Plays: 28699
Category: Sports
Bounce the ball into the brick wall and try to hold controll over the game.
Yan Loong Legend
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Yan Loong Legend Game

Plays: 28749
Category: Fighting
An exciting fighting game with RPG elements, you can find combo books in some secret door, you should push up button to enter the secret door.
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Veterinary Game

Plays: 28758
Category: Action
Earn scores by keeping your pets happy.
Snake maze
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Snake maze Game

Plays: 28865
Category: Puzzles
Puzzle game with simple graphics and increasingly tough mazes. 8 episodes, and 40 levels. beat them all, or make your own with the level editor.
Crow in Hell
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Crow in Hell Game

Plays: 28867
Category: Adventure
In this flash puzzle - labyrinth game, you are a Crow in Hell. Your goal is to manage your way to get out of there alive! Is this possible in in such a place? Well your aout to find out in this game!
street rally
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street rally Game

Plays: 29311
Category: Sports
Race through city streets in your monster truck! Bonus points and a speed boost given for squashing pedestrians.
Jungle Assassin
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Jungle Assassin Game

Plays: 29667
Category: Adventure
Destroy everyone that stands in your way. Stealth is the key to becoming a true Jungle Assassin!
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Popopop Game

Plays: 29810
Category: Puzzles
Have fun doing what you've always wanted to do! Set off wonderfully colourful chain reactions and pop all the balls to win each level. See if you can manage all 42 of them. The game doesn't stop there though! Create your own levels using the level editor and rate on and play other user-created levels.
Grave Digger
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Grave Digger Game

Plays: 30062
Category: Shooting
This halloween, dig and collect as much gold as possible!! Drive away the ghost by clicking on them. Fun and addicting.
High School Musical
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High School Musical Game

Plays: 30069
Category: Dress-Up
High School Musical is broadcast on TV.I don't know whether you have watched it.Are you attracted by the actor and actress?Whether you like them or not,please play this game in happy mood.Dress Gabriella in different beautiful clothes and she will take photos with Troy.
Doctor Ku - the cellar
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Doctor Ku - the cellar Game

Plays: 30233
Category: Adventure
Escape the cellar using the objects around.
Malia Obama Designed by YOU
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Malia Obama Designed by YOU Game

Plays: 30234
Category: Dress-Up
Make-up Malia Obama
video game character creator 1.0
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video game character creator 1.0 Game

Plays: 30284
Category: Other
create you own video character
Matrix Rampage
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Matrix Rampage Game

Plays: 30385
Category: Action
Can you survive the onslaught of agents? Use guns and swords, slam through floors and walls, throw office furniture and everything else you can get a hold of to defeat as many agents as you can. They get smarter, stronger and get armed from katanas, shotguns to phazers.
Mickey Mouse and Friends Color
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Mickey Mouse and Friends Color Game

Plays: 30470
Category: Other
Color this cute picture of Mickey Mouse and friends. Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it. Color the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best.
smash food
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smash food Game

Plays: 30664
Category: BoardGame
This is pretty fun game you must arranging food in lines three and you can get more point if you can arranging four, five or more at the same time
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Plays: 30665
Category: Strategy
Get the fish from the sea and stay away from the sharks!
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Pollenization Game

Plays: 30888
Category: Puzzles
Help your bee pollenate the flowers!
Spongebob Color
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Spongebob Color Game

Plays: 31306
Category: Other
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGE-BOB SQUARE PANTS and now he is available on Fupa to color! Color this cute picture of Spongebob. Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it. Color the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best.
MatchBlox 2 - Abrams Quest: Puzzle Pack 1
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MatchBlox 2 - Abrams Quest: Puzzle Pack 1 Game

Plays: 31355
Category: Puzzles
MatchBlox 2 – Abram’s Quest: Puzzle Pack 1, a twist on the match making casual game. What’s in store? New numbered tiles, stone blox, unlock greater challenges, 3 different modes of play, and hours and hours of brain crankin’ fun!
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HamBurger Game

Plays: 31507
Category: Action
in Burger Burger, the trick is to build your Burgers fast, and eat all 12 Crispy popcorn shrimp fast!!

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