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Turkey Chop
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Turkey Chop Game

Plays: 5341
Category: Other
The Thanksgiving bird has turned the table and is out for blood. Avoid obstacles and get to the barn or else...
Word Knack
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Word Knack Game

Plays: 5358
Category: Word
Word Knack is a Tetris-like game where letter blocks are cleared by forming words.
Toxic Blocks
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Toxic Blocks Game

Plays: 5359
Category: Puzzles
Simple puzzle game, Try to clear the squares as quickly as you possibly can. Click 3 groupings or more of squares and use your power up wisely.
Aqua Blocks
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Aqua Blocks Game

Plays: 5362
Category: Puzzles
Remove all blocks from the board!
Balls : Too many
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Balls : Too many Game

Plays: 5368
Category: Puzzles
Balls: Too many is a very simple game, with too many balls madly colliding with each other, unfortunately, you're one of the balls, and every time the mad balls collide with you, you loose some of your health, you must must survive these mad balls as long as possible, and collect score bonuses along the way.
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Zobee Game

Plays: 5370
Category: Action
It’s a cold and chilly Christmas Eve. The children of the Daisy Hill Orphanage are really excited. Far away, Santa's been eagerly packing gifts for the good boys and girls of the Daisy Hill Orphanage. But little does Santa know, that this Christmas, there will be a lot of heartbroken little children. Santa doesn't know that one of the toy had a sharp edge and made a hole in the bag and he is dropping all the gifts!! You must help Zobee collect all the gifts that are falling from Santa’s bag, and take them to the Orphanage so that the children are not disappointed this Christmas.
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Encuentra Game

Plays: 5374
Category: Sports
Click the wrestler with the "S" on their head as far as you can!
Three Dancing Fairies
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Three Dancing Fairies Game

Plays: 5376
Category: Other
Three Dancing Fairies is an educational fun math game. The game has 3 levels of difficulty and exercises for Addition. Objective of the game is to answer correctly all given excercises, as fast as possible.
Big Fish
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Big Fish Game

Plays: 5382
Category: Action
A funny game , the objective its eat the small fish but be careful the black fish want to eat you so avoid them at any cost!
play with zombies
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play with zombies Game

Plays: 5387
Category: Fighting
A simple flash game
Statetris USA
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Statetris USA Game

Plays: 5389
Category: Action
Statetris is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position states/countries at their proper location.
Run Boots Run
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Run Boots Run Game

Plays: 5392
Category: Action
Boots is running, and getting faster all the time. Guide her through the level for as long as you can before losing control! Collect diamonds and avoid bumping into any obstacles – and try it all again to better your previous score.
Peppy Animal Mania
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Peppy Animal Mania Game

Plays: 5413
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of a peppy animal. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Breaking Plane
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Breaking Plane Game

Plays: 5439
Category: Action
Breaking plane,another version of breaking penguin.
Who Am I? Places
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Who Am I? Places Game

Plays: 5445
Category: Puzzles
Another in the Who Am I? series, Who Am I? Places features pictures of locations from around the globe! Can you guess what is in the picture before the time runs out?
Grace Makeover
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Grace Makeover Game

Plays: 5458
Category: Dress-Up
Makeover this cute model of Grace. Drag and drop the various makeup, accessories, and clothing onto your character to make them look their best.
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UpBug Game

Plays: 5459
Category: Driving
The MechaBug Company needs you to test pilot their new equipment. Successfully gather fuel and avoid damaging the ship to be upgraded to a higher clearance machine.
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Crystalfish Game

Plays: 5466
Category: Puzzles
Crystalfish is a matching game for everyone. Swap crystalfish horizontally or vertically and get points for it. Its simplicity and straight forward control is the key for a fun gameplay.
Lina Doll
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Lina Doll Game

Plays: 5471
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of Lina. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Scarlett Makeover
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Scarlett Makeover Game

Plays: 5480
Category: Dress-Up
Makeover this cute model of Scarlett. Drag and drop the various makeup, accessories, and clothing onto your character to make them look their best.
Mission to Saturn
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Mission to Saturn Game

Plays: 5482
Category: Driving
Driving a Saturn cart, jumping, shooting, dodging, fighting enemies and bosses? Not enough? Ok, how about an interlevel workshop where you can improove every single feature of your vehicle. That’s right. Now play.
The Jungle Book Color
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The Jungle Book Color Game

Plays: 5492
Category: Other
Color this cute picture of the jungle book. Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it. Color the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best.
Mighty Melvin - Lost and Confused in the Periodic Mesas
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Mighty Melvin - Lost and Confused in the Periodic Mesas Game

Plays: 5497
Category: Puzzles
This a point and click/escape the room game. The hero is locked in an old laboratory and he needs to escape to find his new girlfriend.
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Attraction Game

Plays: 5500
Category: Other
You control one circle with the mouse. Avoid getting hit by the two balls following you as long as you can.
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Blinkin' Game

Plays: 5504
Category: BoardGame
Blinkin' is a board game sure to have you scratching your head. Toggle connected lights on and off to clear the board and solve the puzzle. 4 difficulty levels and 40 premade boards.

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