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Karaoke Dress Up
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Karaoke Dress Up Game

Plays: 11784
Category: Dress-Up
A sweet couple on an exciting date at the karaoke parlor - can you suggest what clothes they should each wear?
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Hover Game

Plays: 11798
Category: Action
Hover your cursor over the moving circle for as long as you can. How long can you last?
Magic Touch
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Magic Touch Game

Plays: 11802
Category: Action
Help the wizard defend the castle from the evil knights by casting spells to pop their balloons!
Lisa Cat Girl
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Lisa Cat Girl Game

Plays: 11803
Category: Dress-Up
Cat girls always have something mysterious and hot about them.. and now you can dress her as you wish.
Tyra Banks Dressup
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Tyra Banks Dressup Game

Plays: 11841
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of Tyra Banks. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
mind reader
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mind reader Game

Plays: 11874
Category: Sports
mind reader is a humor game for any age.its simple and you must enjoy it.
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ProRacing Game

Plays: 11879
Category: Sports
Want to feel your blood boiling in this speed racer game? Use the NOS powerup to speed your way up to the first place!
Halloween Couple Dressup
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Halloween Couple Dressup Game

Plays: 11901
Category: Dress-Up
Pick the girl or boy and give them a makeover for a Halloween night out.
Defense of Mochiads
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Defense of Mochiads Game

Plays: 11945
Category: Strategy
a Game bassed off of the Shootorials on Kongregate
Trendy Girl Dress Up
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Trendy Girl Dress Up Game

Plays: 11957
Category: Dress-Up
Choose from the selection of clothes and accessories to dress the girl. click on the icons on the left to change her eyes, skin color, hairstyles and more.
Chii Dressup
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Chii Dressup Game

Plays: 12047
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of a girl. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
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Debugger Game

Plays: 12053
Category: Puzzles
Oh my God, this is too terrible! There are so many bugs in my programs that I can't develop games anymore. Please only look at these slimmy earwigs and cockroaches with that red eyes how they are freely walking inside my source code destroying it byte per byte! I'm begging you to help me to debug all these awful bugs! Please draw a rectangular shape around the bugs and you will catch them. Am I seeking too much from you?
Wife Beater
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Wife Beater Game

Plays: 12055
Category: Shooting
Your wife nag you for getting drunk on the job and getting fired. So take revenge by beating the living daylights out of her. The More you beat her the faster she moves. Try not to sober up or its game over. Buy drink from the market but keep an eye on your pee bar. As once its full you wont be able to buy anymore drink until you take a leak. To take a leak shake the mouse over the toilet symbol.
Male Fairy Dressup
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Male Fairy Dressup Game

Plays: 12083
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of male fairy. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Coin Stack
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Coin Stack Game

Plays: 12111
Category: Puzzles
Gather as much money as you can by clicking on the coins. You’ll be able to collect a coin only if it’s not covered by another coin.
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Santa's helper: Garland Game

Plays: 12124
Category: Action
Help Santa Clause to repair bulbs on a garland. You should replace blown up bulbs moving new to the place of the old. Bulbs have different colour and a blinking. Use snowflake bonuses in snowfall levels.
Bedroom Dress Up
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Bedroom Dress Up Game

Plays: 12142
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this girl for her date. Choose from different tops, hair, dresses and more.
How To Make Chicago Hot Dogs
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How To Make Chicago Hot Dogs Game

Plays: 12284
Category: Memory
Cook up a fun special dish by adding the ingredients in Chicago hot dogs. Use your mouse and follow the commands to combine all the ingredients to your dish of choice.
Top Chef
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Top Chef Game

Plays: 12308
Category: Action
Halloween special game - cook your favorite celebrities for the demons of hell.
Chanel Dressup
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Chanel Dressup Game

Plays: 12358
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of Chanel fashion. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
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bananageddon Game

Plays: 12360
Category: Action
The monkeys have been released and are taking over the world, use your towers to stop them, their friends the vampire pandas, Killer robots and the accountants of death.
Stikz Slotz
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Stikz Slotz Game

Plays: 12385
Category: Casino
A slots game based on my animation series that I am working on. Click on the arm to start and stop the wheels. The single/double cherrys only count in the first position(s) just like in real slots. The leaderboards are based on your score when you submit (turns played+coins*1.5) to account for how long you last and potential winnings if you need to leave early.
Duck Hunt
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Duck Hunt Game

Plays: 12405
Category: Shooting
don't miss the duck you will loose the points
Susan Dress Up
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Susan Dress Up Game

Plays: 12408
Category: Dress-Up
Help Susan find her perfect outfit.
Tjomas: The Tank Engine Color
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Tjomas: The Tank Engine Color Game

Plays: 12421
Category: Other
Color this cute picture of Thomas: The Tank Engine. Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it. Color the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best.

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