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Couple Dress Up
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Couple Dress Up Game

Plays: 20622
Category: Dress-Up
This couple is all set to have a cool time. Just select from a collection of cloth and accessories and get them ready for an outing.
Spongebob Slots
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Spongebob Slots Game

Plays: 20654
Category: Casino
Spongebob Slots is a bright and colorful 3 reel casino style slot machine game featuring a Spongebob Squarepants theme colors and characters.
Bride Hair Dresser
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Bride Hair Dresser Game

Plays: 20740
Category: Dress-Up
Play Bride Hair Dresser Games for Girls at bride will hold on a wedding ceremony,I know you are a good hair designer,you can design and dress her hair,and make the girl to be the most beautiful bride in the world.Ok.Now enjoy playing the bride hair dresser game.
Super Model Shopping
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Super Model Shopping Game

Plays: 20796
Category: Dress-Up
Weekend is coming,the super model will go shopping.Choose the fashion clothes and dress her up.Give her a happy weekend.
Kayak Girl Dress Up
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Kayak Girl Dress Up Game

Plays: 20944
Category: Dress-Up
Kayak girl dress up game
Desert Rally
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Desert Rally Game

Plays: 21015
Category: Sports
Stay on the road and see how long you can last before you crash and burn.
Dianthus Jigsaw
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Dianthus Jigsaw Game

Plays: 21106
Category: Jigsaw
Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring an array of colorful dianthus. Get the fastest time and score higher than everyone else. There are five different difficulty levels to choose from for all skill levels of jigsaw players. Simple has 9 pieces, Easy has 49 pieces, Medium has 100 pieces, Hard has 225 pieces, and Extreme has 225 pieces plus the pieces rotate and have mixed edges.
Melinda in Saudi Arabia
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Melinda in Saudi Arabia Game

Plays: 21113
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of Melinda. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Dora Doll
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Dora Doll Game

Plays: 21171
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of Dora. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Penguin Slide
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Penguin Slide Game

Plays: 21195
Category: Puzzles
Peng is hungry and wants some food. Don't let her starve, find her fish. Watch out for the cracks. After you slide through the cracks 2 times, you can't slide through it anymore.
Pikachu Color
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Pikachu Color Game

Plays: 21272
Category: Other
Color this cute picture of Pikachu. Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it. Color the various clothes, people, accessories, and hair of the characters to make them look their best.
Flintstone Family Dressup
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Flintstone Family Dressup Game

Plays: 21313
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of the Flintstone family. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Word Guess
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Word Guess Game

Plays: 21317
Category: Word
Word Guess , unscramble the word. Work your way through 3 rounds , each round has 6 words to correctly unscramble. Based on Word Scramble from the popular Nintendo DS game - Brain Age 2 .
Corovan: The Game
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Corovan: The Game Game

Plays: 21329
Category: Action
Build the towers! Get money! You got 3 unique worlds with its very own inhabitants and units. Think you're hardcore gamer? Build as little towers as you can, use the manula aiming and combine different battle modes. Wanna relax? Just build the tower along the way and enjoy. Have fun! P.S> New update! Incredible gameplay with music right now!
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Abandoned Game

Plays: 21392
Category: Adventure
You and your friends are on a paranormal investigation at an old asylum, you encounter something and the next thing you know you are all alone.
Gelert Improved
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Gelert Improved Game

Plays: 21403
Category: Sports
Archery game improved. Target practice, scoreboards (2). Distance and points shooting.
Bratz Coloring Games
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Bratz Coloring Games Game

Plays: 21427
Category: Dress-Up
Dress Up Bratz and color the bratz doll
Mermaid Fairy Dressup
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Mermaid Fairy Dressup Game

Plays: 21754
Category: Dress-Up
Dress up this cute model of Mermaid Fairy. Drag and drop the various clothes, accessories, and hair onto your character to dress up and make them look their best.
Britney Spears Fashion
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Britney Spears Fashion Game

Plays: 21860
Category: Dress-Up
more comlete Britney Spears make up game
Hawaii Beach Volleyball Challenge
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Hawaii Beach Volleyball Challenge Game

Plays: 21979
Category: Sports
Emily is hot and really great at playing the Volleyball.Now she is waiting for your challenge.If you could beat her, you would get her love!Come On!
Anissa Makeover
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Anissa Makeover Game

Plays: 22029
Category: Dress-Up
Makeover this cute model of Anissa. Drag and drop the various makeup, accessories, and clothing onto your character to make them look their best.
Woodbox Marble Lines
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Woodbox Marble Lines Game

Plays: 22151
Category: Puzzles
Try to line up 5 or more marbles with the same color to make them disappear. This puzzle game has unlimited undo!
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Offroad Game

Plays: 22266
Category: Driving
Collect all the icons before time runs out in this isometric driving game.
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Spinner Game

Plays: 22535
Category: Puzzles
Spinner is your classic three-in-a-row game with a twist! Click on a ball to spin the surrounding four balls to get three balls of the same color in a line! Spinner has four different game modes; Click, Time, Click Special and Time Special.
Gem Swap
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Gem Swap Game

Plays: 22648
Category: Puzzles
Another excellent puzzle game from doof. Create lines of three or more in the same colour group to get rid of them. Click on two gems consecutively to swap their positions. If they lock with another colour group of two or more, you're on. If not... you've just wasted time on that move! Grace under pressure is the key here. Focus and an unflappable nature will get you through. So will basic ability in shape-recognition!

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