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Play Space MinesSpace Mines Game

Plays: 2804
Category: Action
Space Mines is a challenging yet addictive arcade / puzzle game where you compete for the highest score by flying around in your spaceship and collecting space rocks. Avoid the space mines that are on your tail following your every move because they will kill you! You can make space mines collide into one another and destroy themselves...doing so makes it easier for you to collect space rocks and various other powerups that have special effects.
Play Tank Destroyer 2Tank Destroyer 2 Game

Plays: 2793
Category: Action
The topdown tank game continues with an amazing sequal: 9 new missions, 3 new environments (desert, town and winter) New types of enemies, especially the foot soldiers are fun to drive over. Significantly extended upgrade system and the ability to leave the tank.. And much more, have fun!
Play Gold DiggersGold Diggers Game

Plays: 2792
Category: Puzzles
Exploit all the treasure in the mines, populated with harmful monsters in this exciting online game.
Play HoneySweeperHoneySweeper Game

Plays: 2792
Category: BoardGame
Are you familiar with the computer game Minesweeper? We kept the intellectual charm of a logical puzzle and added a new and dynamic living environment. Honeycomb are used as a game field, and bees play the role of the mines. At the beginning of the game the cells are completely covered with wax. The goal of the game is to open all of the cells as quickly as possible while trying not to be stung by a bee. You can open the cells by clicking of the left mouse button, also you can mark the bees by press the SPACE button. Each bee produces honey, therefore yellow "honey" rises in the neighboring opened cells around the bee. Each cell contains as much honey as the number of bees around it. Do not be afraid if you see the queen bee after a move. The queen is quite harmless and can be opened by clicking of the left mouse button. The queen bee feeds on honey, so all five cells under the queen don't have yellow "honey", even though the bees can be sitting around.
Play bubble snubblebubble snubble Game

Plays: 2773
Category: Driving
A nice bubble game ^^
Play Jungle DefenderJungle Defender Game

Plays: 2768
Category: Action
Defend your hut against those evil apes you can buy guns, blow pipes, snake pits and melon mines!
Play Mr. MineMr. Mine Game

Plays: 2747
Category: Action
Plant Dynamite and blow up the evil monsters lurking in the mines.
Play Minesweeper MarathonMinesweeper Marathon Game

Plays: 2723
Category: Action
A Minesweeper game with LEVELS and 3 extra lives! Can you complete all the 15 levels and get on the highscore???
Play Bubbles 2Bubbles 2 Game

Plays: 2719
Category: Other
You're a bubble, collecting smaller bubbles to grow and avoiding mines that would pop you. Tons of fun power-ups are at your disposal and a 2 Player mode is also available!
Play River CatRiver Cat Game

Plays: 2636
Category: Action
Feed River Cat
Play FishFish'n'Ship Game

Plays: 2620
Category: Action
Steer your small fishing boat in stormy waters to catch as much fish you can. But beware! Other boats are out for you, and your fish.
Play SquidgySquidgy Game

Plays: 2616
Category: Action
se your mouse to smash Squidgy into enemies without being hit by their bullets. Avoid spiky mines and collect speed, size and shield powerups.
Play Grey LifeGrey Life Game

Plays: 2611
Category: Puzzles
Navigate through a series of dangers like mines, lasers and rockets while opening the gate and getting to it in each level. A remake of Project Green, with massive improvements. Features an interesting highscoring system in the multiplayer with replays. There seems to be glitches on this site with connecting to my server and Stage height/width.. I’ll be working on that. I may start work on the third and final version of this game soon, as I have accumulated enough programming skills to make it awesome now. I’ll create a blog on my site in the next few days for people with ideas to explain them. So far I understand that the game needs to be: Easier, Less Glitchy, Have a better editor and HAVE MUSIC. We’ll see how that goes.
Play Box It! 2Box It! 2 Game

Plays: 2578
Category: Puzzles
What lies beneath the ancient Inca ruins in the mines of Kazarakt remains a mystery, but as legend has it, they hold vast treasures. Follow an ancient Inca trail and help Marv the Miner unlock the ruins in this mind-twisting sokoban puzzle game.
Play Deep OceanDeep Ocean Game

Plays: 2469
Category: Shooting
Keep those sharks and mines away from your ship in this underwater shoot'em up game!
Play Mine BlowerMine Blower Game

Plays: 2467
Category: Action
Mine blower is a simple mineweeper game with highly organized graphics and a whole new look. In this player clicks on the spots or red blocks in the estimated time to unlock the numbers. If during the search player comes across any mine, the whole game will blow and player will lose the game. So better watch your moves and strike to get all the numbers successfully unlocked without getting hit by any mine and win smiles.
Play Game

Plays: 2446
Category: Action
See how long you can last while avoiding various moving objects, mines and collecting power ups.
Play Army RiderArmy Rider Game

Plays: 2445
Category: Driving
Race through the mountains avoiding land mines and collecting stars, why not throw in a few stunts just to show off while your at it.
Play Mars.n.Aliens 2.3 Black Hole Defence TDMars.n.Aliens 2.3 Black Hole Defence TD Game

Plays: 2438
Category: Action
Dont let the Aliens from Mars escape to the black hole. Build your element based and special turrets to destroy them. Use mines, and detonate them. Place them strategically on the path to make as much as damage as possible to the Aliens.
Play Exit WoundExit Wound Game

Plays: 2437
Category: Shooting
Play an awesome 3D Stickman secret agent game where you infiltrate an enemy compound...Be warned, there is a low chance of return. Enemy units will react so be swift and deadly. Use your tactical combat training to remove all enemy targets with pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, mines, explosive barrels and more. Good Luck Soldier!

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