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Online subtraction Games
Play Genius Defender FractionGenius Defender Fraction Game

Plays: 1401
Category: Action
Genius Defender (fraction) provides various equation with four operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). With certain algorithm, the generated problem will be varied but also balance.
Play Bees in troubleBees in trouble Game

Plays: 1245
Category: Education
Fun math subtraction game for kids . Leave the number of balloons that answer the subtraction problem!
Play Math BallsMath Balls Game

Plays: 1241
Category: Education
math balls, addition, subtraction, multiplication
Play Collect the strawberries. Part 1.Collect the strawberries. Part 1. Game

Plays: 1208
Category: Adventure
Educational game "Collect the strawberries." Part 1. Learn the addition of 1 to 9. Masha walking through a maze and look for strawberries. To gather berries to decide on sample addition. The game is played with the keyboard. Arrow key to help Masha walks, numbers and button Enter - to give the correct answers to the job. ??????????? ???? «?????? ????????». ????? 1. ???? ???????? ?? 1 ?? 9. ??????? ???? ????? ?? ????????? ? ???? ????????. ????? ??????? ????? ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ????????. ???? ??????? ? ??????? ??????????. ??????? ?????????? ???????? ???? ?????, ????? ? ?????? Enter – ?????? ?????????? ?????? ?? ???????.
Play 1st Grade Math1st Grade Math Game

Plays: 1173
Category: Education
Math for 1st Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids.
Play 1st Grade Math Subtraction1st Grade Math Subtraction Game

Plays: 1060
Category: Education
Subtraction Math for 1st Grade, click on the correct answer over hundreds of problems to solve, Great for kids.
Play Sheep LandSheep Land Game

Plays: 1033
Category: Action
Get ready to count my friends because you now have the chance to play Sheep Land! So you think you’re good in addition or subtraction? How about helping this dog win over the masked wolf? The objective of this game is to keep track how many black and white sheep’s are behind the trees and when the wolf asks you, you need to type the correct answer on the table. The wolf will try to confuse you, but if you stay focused and count the black and white sheep’s, you will make him angry and that means that you’re winning! This is a very challenging educational game that will switch on your brain for sure and for that reason get this game started and have fun!
Play Make 24Make 24 Game

Plays: 1017
Category: Education
Here comes an engaging challenge for poker masters and math geniuses alike - can you compose equations which give 24 by mixing arithmetic signs and brackets with playing cards? At each round of the game you will be given 4 randomly dealt cards, as well as the arithmetic signs of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, plus a pair of brackets. The cards carry numerical values same as their numbers, and A equals to 1, J equals to 11, Q equals to 12 and K equals to 13. Click and drag all of the cards to the blackboard underneath, then click to choose suitable arithmetic signs at the bottom left corner to compose a formula that gives 24. You may rearrange the positions of the components on the blackboard by dragging them. When you have finished the task, click the Submit button at the bottom right corner to check whether the formula is valid. If your formula is not correct, you need to rearrange the components again in order to proceed. Each round you will be given 60 seconds to complete the formula, as indicated by the timer at the top right corner of the blackboard. When time is up, a possible answer will be shown but you will be deducted 3000 points. Transform your hand into equations through arithmetic tricks!
Play Unsigned Int-IUnsigned Int-I Game

Plays: 922
Category: BoardGame
This is a math puzzle game that starts easy with addition and subtraction. Later levels, which use multiplication and division, might have you scratching your head trying to solve them.
Play Arithmetic GameArithmetic Game Game

Plays: 920
Category: Education
Fancy some interesting arithmetic training? Come and search for the numeric components and complete the equations in this game! You will be given a large grid of numerous numbers, while a questions will be presented at the bottom of the screen. Click to choose the correct numbers on the grid to complete the equation, then click the Submit button to check if the equation is valid. If the equation is correct, the numbers you picked will be removed from the grid, and you can proceed to the next question. If the formula is wrong, 5000 points will be deducted, and you need to click the Reset button above the equation to fill in the blanks again. The time you have spent will be recorded at the top of the screen. Can you complete all 7 questions in lightning speed to earn great rewards?
Play Mind Test MathMind Test Math Game

Plays: 914
Category: Education
Learn about Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division in this math learning game. Also try the Random Math mode.
Play 99 Seconds99 Seconds Game

Plays: 882
Category: Education
The game is one of the best games for children to sharp their mathematical skills. A list of 5 numbers are given, where player is supposed to set their sign right to make the resultant sum. A 99 seconds are given for the player, with in which the player should answer maximum number of puzzles.
Play Maths TrainerMaths Trainer Game

Plays: 845
Category: BoardGame
In this game your basic mathematics skills like addition,subtraction,multiplication and division will be tested. Use keyboard and mouse to play this game.This game will help you to improve your mathematics skill.
Play Tiny Math PlanetsTiny Math Planets Game

Plays: 772
Category: Education
Exercise your Math skills with quick thinking and strategy to complete each level. Designed to help children visualise the relationships between numbers, and increase their awareness of how numbers form patterns. To complete a level, you have to move Mr. Tiger across the map to reach his friend. The map is divided into a grid, which can be traversed by constructing answers to math equations. • Collect all the bonus items to achieve 3 stars • Collect the puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle for each world • Use power-ups to help on tricky levels. • Look out for the bad guys! • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Play Math Monsters Add/SubMath Monsters Add/Sub Game

Plays: 763
Category: BoardGame
Math Monsters is a puzzle game where you need to solve the addition and subtraction puzzles to close the box of chocolates and scare off the monsters.
Play Quick MathQuick Math Game

Plays: 752
Category: Education
Do not overlook the mathematical tricks behind the seemingly simple equations in this game - you may need to spend more time than you think to complete them! In Quick Math, your goal is to fill in the missing arithmetic symbols in the equations as quickly as you can. You will be presented a simple equation at each round, with the four arithmetic symbols of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division shown underneath. Click the correct symbol to fill the blank in the equation and make it valid. The time you have spent for each question is recorded at the top of the screen, and your score will be counted based on it. If you have clicked a wrong symbol, 1000 points will be deducted, but you may still complete all 20 questions in the game. Come and challenge your reaction speed and judgment, but try not to hesitate or second-guess yourself!
Play AirMathAirMath Game

Plays: 691
Category: Education
Game about basic mathematical operations. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Juego sobre las operaciones matemáticas básicas. Suma, resta, multiplicación y división
Play AirMath - Substraction challengeAirMath - Substraction challenge Game

Plays: 614
Category: Education
Aircraft fun game that helps develop the skills needed to perform subtraction. Entretenido juego de aviones que ayuda a desarrollar las habilidades necesarias para realizar restas.
Play Counting123Counting123 Game

Plays: 452
Category: Education
learn addition, subtraction and multiplication from 0 to 9 and help the duck to reach the nest.
Play Math Balloons Addition/SubtractionMath Balloons Addition/Subtraction Game

Plays: 424
Category: Puzzles
Practice both your addition and subtraction skills in this fun math match 3 game. Use your addition & subtraction skills to remove balloons to make groups of same colored balloons. Make matches over all of the colored squares to complete a level.

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