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Online building Games
Play iHouse VTiHouse VT Game

Plays: 3256
Category: Action
Feel the excitement of reaching for the skies in this ridiculously addictive puzzle game that?ll test your reflexes and puzzle skills. Enjoy an amazing 3D experience while building towering skyscrapers in a collection of exciting game modes!
Play Storm 1.1Storm 1.1 Game

Plays: 3249
Category: Strategy
Storm is a Tower Defense like game with strategy elements. You must protect your Command Center against invaders by building turrets around it. You earn money from the Gold Mines. Each Gold Mine produces 6$ each 5 seconds. Count of mines you can build is limited. At the start of the game you have 2 Mines and Command Center which produces money as well.
Play Mars ColoniesMars Colonies Game

Plays: 3219
Category: Action
Mars Colonies is a RTS game about building and protecting your own colonies on Mars. Hire skillful colonists, help them survive marsquakes, dust storms and other threats, and build the most successful colonies on Mars. With Science! * Colonies - build and manage your colonies on Mars; * Colonists - provide food and oxygen to keep them alive and well; * Extract minerals from surface on Mars; * Score system for each level; * 18 achievements;
Play Vertical AssassinVertical Assassin Game

Plays: 3217
Category: Action
Vertical Assassin Vertical Assassin is a vertical scroller where the player is trying to reach the top of a building by turning on switches to open gates and dodging enemies. The goal of the game is to disable the mainframe at the top of the level. The player must hurry as the level is continuously falling and player gets closer and closer to the spikes at the bottom which will kill him instantly upon contact. The game is short and entertaining keeps track of the player's high score. Soundtrack - API- Paradise on E
Play Candy ConveyorCandy Conveyor Game

Plays: 3179
Category: Puzzles
Building a candy factory isn't easy, but maybe you can do it better than others.
Play Play With Your PeasPlay With Your Peas Game

Plays: 3149
Category: Action
Peas love to climb tall objects and jump off of them. They think they are ninjas. You know they are suicidal. Help your Pea feel like a ninja by building the ultimate ninja obstacle course.
Play Wibbles Adventures - City SeigeWibbles Adventures - City Seige Game

Plays: 3114
Category: Action
Wibble's Adventures... Wibble has found himself stuck in the city park and it's flooding! It turns out the whole city is flooding! Help keep Wibble alive by climbing the building blocks without drowning!
Play Farm Frenzy HDFarm Frenzy HD Game

Plays: 3051
Category: Adventure
Slip into a pair of overalls and try your hand at running a farm! From tending to the fields where your cows graze to gathering eggs for sale at the town market, Farm Frenzy is as stimulating as the real thing, only you won't have to experience the nasty smells! You will, however, be required to invest the money you earn in new equipment. Building a cheese dairy, for example, allows you to process your milk on the spot and make even more cash! To beat a level in Farm Frenzy, you must complete a specific task, such as producing a certain number of eggs. Each new level is more challenging than the last, so you must increase the capacity of your warehouse and improve the performance of your production facilities. You can even buy a larger truck capable of delivering more goods to market! All of this makes dealing with the occasional bear easier. Featuring compelling and enjoyable gameplay, Farm Frenzy lets you give Old MacDonald a run for the money! Full version features Over 45 levels to beat Five animals to care for Nine farm products to sell Six buildings to purchase Unlimited game time Free upgrades to newer versions Full technical and customer support
Play MocilMocil Game

Plays: 3033
Category: Action
Control the little monster and destroy everything you can found on the city
Play Leaping MonkeyLeaping Monkey Game

Plays: 3017
Category: Action
Primates are very intelligent creatures, and the one in this skill game wants to take a nice break from the jungle and get a nice view of the city. To do this it has to climb up on top of these skyscrapers, but there are lots of dangers that might make it slip and fall.
Play defense ghost-buildingdefense ghost-building Game

Plays: 3017
Category: Action
you need defense the ghost attack,you can buy good weapon and employ more mans for your work!
Play Save Me 3Save Me 3 Game

Plays: 2994
Category: Action
help the people in the burning building jump to safety.
Play Headshire ThrowHeadshire Throw Game

Plays: 2988
Category: Puzzles
Play as a governor of Headshire and make it a perfect town. Launch resources into their matching symbols in this kingdom-building online Arcade game! Collect gold and gems to buy properties that will grant you in-game bonuses and powers! Build the humble village of Headshire into a bustling kingdom!
Play Escape the LobbyEscape the Lobby Game

Plays: 2965
Category: Puzzles
You’re Ned the narcoleptic narcissist and you’re trapped in the lobby of this office building! Can you escape before the cops find you and arrest you?
Play Chromatic Tower DefenseChromatic Tower Defense Game

Plays: 2916
Category: Strategy
The goal in Chromatic Tower Defense is to try to stop enemies from crossing a map by building towers which shoot at them as they pass. The color of the enemies grants them resistances and abilities, so you have to combine different towers to defeat them. You earn money for each kill, which you can use to buy or upgrade towers.
Play Elevatorz BlitzElevatorz Blitz Game

Plays: 2912
Category: Action
Mr. Jitters is back once again in the Blitz edition of Elevatorz! Join him for more elevator avoiding fun, by trying to get as far as possible before time runs out! You get bonus time for crossing a floor without getting hit, so be careful but fast!
Play Gold and Gems AdventureGold and Gems Adventure Game

Plays: 2905
Category: Adventure
"Gold and Gems Adventure" is point and click adventure game with escape elements. Your mission is to open safe and steal hidden gold and gems, but first you need to infiltrate in to the building. Good Luck!
Play Shoot The CreepsShoot The Creeps Game

Plays: 2897
Category: Shooting
Mutated creeps start attacking a building. A gun with various types of weapons is arranged to eliminate these creeps. Shoot the creeps in all the levels and win the game. Buy updates, and weapons at the end of every level.
Play The Kopczenski BuildingThe Kopczenski Building Game

Plays: 2877
Category: Puzzles
Explore the dangerous labs of the Kopczenski Building using three specialized robots.
Play Shoot the MilitantsShoot the Militants Game

Plays: 2872
Category: Shooting
Defend the treasury building from militants.

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