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Online multiplication Games
Play Math SolitaireMath Solitaire Game

Plays: 9956
Category: Puzzles
Math Solitaire is a brain game. In this game, you will be given 5 solitaire cards. Your goal is to get the value of the 5th card by operating the first 4 cards with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each of the first 4 cards must be used once and only once.
Play Arithmetic ChallengeArithmetic Challenge Game

Plays: 11094
Category: Education
Take an arithmetic test to improve your math and exercise your brain. How many simple math operations can you solve in one minute?
Play Math ManiacMath Maniac Game

Plays: 10543
Category: Education
Math game for children. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division. 10 questions are asked each game
Play The Product GameThe Product Game Game

Plays: 10406
Category: Puzzles
Practice your Multiplication Facts tic-tac-toe style. Get 4 in a row to win.
Play Creature CaptureCreature Capture Game

Plays: 9834
Category: BoardGame
Creature Capture is a fun and colorful fraction-based card game where the goal of the game is to own more of the board than your opponent! Players engage in both solo and multiplayer gameplay as they collect cards and build strategies. Opponents take turns playing their creature-themed cards to a central board, causing battles between opposing cards along the way. The victor of each battle is determined by one of three battle rules: largest number wins, smallest number wins, and closest number to ½ wins. Players can use power cards to augment any creature, allowing them to perform complex fraction-based arithmetic to win battles. Additionally, players build decks from the cards they have collected and challenge their friends to a Creature Capture duel! These duels can be played online or offline. Creature Capture currently features over 20 levels, with new levels and features on the way. Pick Creature Capture today as a fun and engaging part of your collection!
Play 2+2=42+2=4 Game

Plays: 8852
Category: Puzzles
This is a simple Math Puzzle Game where the goal is to make the both sides of "=" sign equal horizontally and vertically.
Play Times TablesTimes Tables Game

Plays: 8686
Category: Education
Online game to learn the times tables.
Play Kids Math - MultiplicationKids Math - Multiplication Game

Plays: 6567
Category: Education
Multiplication math game for kids
Play Ben 10 math raceBen 10 math race Game

Plays: 5992
Category: Driving
Answer the problems correctly to win the race.
Play MathMath Game

Plays: 5536
Category: Adventure
math is the best way to learn basic mathematic(addition, subtraction, multiplication,division). You can test and learn with different speed. Play now
Play Unsigned Int-IIUnsigned Int-II Game

Plays: 5130
Category: BoardGame
This is a math puzzle game that starts easy with addition and subtraction. Later levels, which use multiplication and division, might have you scratching your head trying to solve them.
Play Fairy apple mathFairy apple math Game

Plays: 4926
Category: Education
Fairy apple math game.
Play Squares of Doom:  MultiplicationSquares of Doom: Multiplication Game

Plays: 4790
Category: Puzzles
Solve each of the 10 levels by filling in the gray squares to make the difference of the black squares, both rows and columns. Careful though: boxes can have a pair that must contain the same number. Give the game your best shot!
Play Simple mathMagicSimple mathMagic Game

Plays: 4654
Category: BoardGame
Prequel to the advanced to Infinite mathMagic: all you have to do is to add, subtract, multiply the given two numbers, type the correct answer to get next question
Play Simple Multiplication math gameSimple Multiplication math game Game

Plays: 4046
Category: BoardGame
Simple Multiplication math game: multiply the numbers and type the product into the field
Play Math CarMath Car Game

Plays: 3936
Category: Driving
Steer your car by solving math equations to get through the three tough levels. Collect as many coins as you can while avoiding obstacles to get a high score.
Play Ben 10 Skater mathBen 10 Skater math Game

Plays: 3824
Category: Education
Skater math-multiplication game.
Play Squares of Doom:  AdditionSquares of Doom: Addition Game

Plays: 3806
Category: Puzzles
Solve each of the 10 levels by filling in the orange squares to sum up to the red squares, both rows and columns. Careful though: boxes can have a pair that must contain the same number. Give the game your best shot!
Play Multiplication StationMultiplication Station Game

Plays: 3635
Category: Action
Click on the squares to multiply so that they equal the value under the word \'Number\'. If you multiply the numbers fast enough you will get bonus points.
Play MathcopterMathcopter Game

Plays: 3570
Category: BoardGame
Try to fly through all five levels while avoiding the parachutes with the wrong answers. To get a high score capture the parachutes with the right answers.

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